NVIDIA driver 173.14.12 in hardy-proposed and intrepid

If you experienced problems with the NVIDIA driver 173.14.09 you might want to give version 173.14.12 a try. The driver is available on Hardy in the hardy-proposed repository (you will have to install it through EnvyNG, if you haven’t already done so) and should now work with Xen kernels too (thanks to a little trick […]

A few updates – Part 2

Features in EnvyNG 1.1.x A new interface in GTK. Its code will be cleaner (more readable and sensible). I will use SimpleGladeApp as glatzor (Sebastian Heinlein) suggested a long time ago. It won’t waste as much screen space as it used to do (see the screenshot below) as using Envy in 640X480 is not an […]

A fix for a nasty bug in URandR

Today (thanks to Cyril Brulebois) I have found bug which in turn was cause by an ever nastier bug in URandR. The current refresh of a device was detected even if such device was not enabled (???) (i.e. plugged in but disabled). URandR knows that, if a device has a current refresh rate, such device […]