How to enable/disable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace from the command line

If you don’t want to use a user interface to change the effect of Ctrl+Alt+Backspace in any flavour of Ubuntu you can follow these steps: 1) Install the “dontzap” package sudo apt-get install dontzap 2) Open Terminal or Konsole and type: sudo dontzap –enable or sudo dontzap –disable Where “disable” means that Ctrl+Alt+Backspace restarts the […]

How to enable/disable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace in Kubuntu Jaunty

As you might have noticed already, no longer ships with the DontZap option set to False by default i.e. pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace won’t restart the xserver any longer. At the UDS we discussed on how to deal with this change and we came to the conclusion that Ubuntu and Kubuntu would deal with this change […]

Back from the UDS

After spending a week in Sunnyvale I’m back from the UDS. It was a long trip and I can definitely say out loud that it was a fantastic experience, very hard to put into words, part of which you’ll be able to see in the video-recorded sessions (available soon?). I gave speeches on 3 projects […]

Blueprint – X-Kit and Xorg Options Editor

As promised in my previous posts, in this blog post I will deal with a project I’m working on which implements this blueprint. Bryce Harrington (the mentor of this blueprint), Colin Watson (the approver) and I talked about this at the UDS in Prague. The blueprint is based on Bryce’s original idea to improve the […]

I’m back from the UDS (with pictures)

I haven’t blogged for a while since I’ve been very busy and and I was too tired to blog or to do any actual work on my projects. This was my 1st time at the UDS and my 1st time abroad. It was a dream-like experience and went far beyond my expectations. I have met […]