My father passed away

On 2 January my father passed away at 63, after a little more than a year fighting (a rather aggressive type of) lung cancer. I won’t go into the details of how it went but let it suffice to say that pain and tears have been our bread and butter. A little bit of history […]

How to set up “Web CoopVoce” (3G) APN on Android

I’m a satisfied owner of a Nexus One (loving Android Froyo 2.2) and today I decided to try a (volume based) 3G plan by CoopVoce. There are 2 options available: either buy a 3G usb key or simply use 3G directly from your phone. In the former case (which I wasn’t interested in) the usb […]

On anti-spam filters or how I lost a lot of emails…

I’ve been experiencing problems with people who said that they had sent me emails which I never received. I thought there were some temporary problems with my mailbox (with since it’s not unusual to see the pop server complaining for nonsensical reasons. This morning I noticed that I had no new messages in Evolution […]

A few updates

I’m still trying to get over the stress of graduating, dreaming (every night!) of having yet to do exams in order to graduate doesn’t help though. I’m working on my projects at a slower pace, fixing a few bugs here and there before the release of EnvyNG. I have designed a new system for URandR […]

I graduated again

This morning I defended my thesis (in foreign languages) whose title was “Language and Artificial Intelligence”. I experimented a bit also with chatterbots and I had corrected and modified Joe Strout’s therapist (written in Python), added a few more patterns and added the support for Espeak (a voice synthesiser). I had to present my work […]

A special friend of mine passed away…

Today a colleague told me that Michael Vercoe, a good friend from Manchester, passed away last Christmas eve. All I can say is that he represents the best years of my life at the university. An amazing tutor and a wise friend. I would like to remember him with a song by a band he […]

New blog

I have changed my blog since I was locked out of my previous one for no apparent reason. I couldn’t even change my password. This new blog is on my personal webspace (the best choice, I guess)