An Indicator for Cryptkeeper

I’ve been very busy with life and work in general and I haven’t blogged for a few months now. I finally get the chance to talk about something I worked on in my spare time. I use Cryptkeeper to decrypt and mount some encrypted directories that I have in my Ubuntu One space but I […]

A quick update for Envy Legacy

If you were affected by this bug in the ATI installer on Ubuntu 64bit, the new release of Envy Legacy (envy_0.9.10-0ubuntu8) fixes it. EDIT: please try envy_0.9.10-0ubuntu9 instead

EnvyNG – The End of the Artwork Contest

First of all I would like to thank all the ones who contributed to EnvyNG with their icons and logos. You all did an amazing work. I received many works and they were simply beautiful, therefore it was very hard for me to choose only one. My choice is based on my (questionable) personal taste […]

Just a quick update for EnvyNG

If you are affected by bug 204044 with the ATI driver, please try envyng_1.0.4ubuntu11. Let me know if there are still problems. EDIT: The problem with fglrx and DKMS is solved in envyng_1.0.4ubuntu12

Updates on URandR

A few days ago I decided to have a deeper look at the API of the Python bindings for Xrandr (pyxrandr) written by Sebastian Heinlein and Michael Vogt. While I must admit that they did a good work with the bindings I’m still not completely satisfied with what I can do with them. This is […]

ATI Catalyst driver 8.3 in Envy Legacy and EnvyNG

The ATI Catalyst driver 8.3 is now available in Envy Legacy and EnvyNG. You can check the release notes of the driver here. As regards the future of EnvyNG, I’m glad to say that the GTK GUI for EnvyNG 1.1.0 is finished and the QT4 interface is in good shape. I only have to solve […]

EnvyNG is now available (Only for Hardy Heron)

EnvyNG (1.0.4ubuntu2) is now available. Here is a stripped down changelog: * Defaultdepth is set to 24bit in xorg.conf as required because of BUG #94963 * Added: NVIDIA driver 169.12 * Changed: ATI packaging scripts are now based on Ubuntu’s lrm * Added: ATI driver 8-02 * Added: NVIDIA driver 96.43.05 and 71.86.04 * Added: […]

A new Envy Legacy and the death of Envy New…

If you use an operating system other than Ubuntu Hardy you will now have to use Envy Legacy. Envy New is dead and will be soon replaced by EnvyNG. Release highlights of Envy Legacy: * Fixed: Envy tried to install dkms on Debian. * Fixed: the GUI didn’t show the missing dependencies which can’t be […]

More on the Artwork Contest

First of all I would like to thank you all for participating in the contest. I apologise if I didn’t reply to all your emails but I’m receiving so many emails that it’s hard to keep pace with your emails. I’m so busy doing the uploads of your work, coding EnvyNG and living my life […]

Artwork Contest for EnvyNG

The reactions to the screenshots of the prototypes of EnvyNG 1.1.x were positive however some users (see the comments to my previous posts and this blog post ) led me into thinking that it’s time for me to change EnvyNG’s icon and logo. I won’t draw a new icon and logo myself though. I wouldn’t […]