Quick updates on Lucid

This is just a brief announcement, I hope to have the time to say more when I’m back to Italy (currently I’m in the US). EnvyNG and Envy are no more. I had no time to maintain them and I really prefer to work on Jockey (I had already contributed code to it in the […]

A few updates on EnvyNG, NVIDIA and URandR

EnvyNG: I have updated envyng-core (2.0) and envyng-qt (2.0) in Intrepid. The GTK interface doesn’t work and even if I managed to solve the problems with GTK and threading I couldn’t upload it since we’re in feature freeze. The new textual interface and the QT4 interface now rely on python-apt and python-xkit. Thanks to the […]

NVIDIA driver 173.14.12 in hardy-proposed and intrepid

If you experienced problems with the NVIDIA driver 173.14.09 you might want to give version 173.14.12 a try. The driver is available on Hardy in the hardy-proposed repository (you will have to install it through EnvyNG, if you haven’t already done so) and should now work with Xen kernels too (thanks to a little trick […]

NVIDIA 173.14.09 and FGLRX 8.6 in hardy-proposed

It took me some time to update the FGLRX and the NVIDIA driver in Ubuntu since I’m working on the drivers for Intrepid and on my new projects for Ubuntu. Furthermore driver 173.14.09 breaks the compatibility with realtime kernels and I didn’t want to upload something which would cause problems to a lot of users. […]

NVIDIA driver 173.14.05 in hardy-proposed

Today, I’ve uploaded the latest release of the NVIDIA driver (173.14.05) to the the hardy-proposed repository (you should thank the Ubuntu-SRU and the MOTU-SRU teams for this). This is the bugreport containing the request for a SRU (Stable Release Update). Please test the new driver and post your comments there so that we know whether […]

Call for testers for EnvyNG

It’s been a month since my last blog post. EnvyNG was included in Hardy but it had a few problems and I have worked to fix them. I can’t upload such fixes since Hardy is a stable release. This means that all the updates will have to be tested before they are moved to the […]

Updates for EnvyNG and Envy Legacy

I’m working on EnvyNG every day. I’m fixing as many bugs as possible. Here’s a list of what’s changed in EnvyNG and Envy Legacy: Improvements in EnvyNG-core: * New connection detection method (based on Network Manager) * Update compatibility list * Update translations * Use unicode (utf-8) for the translators’ names * Use an additional […]

A new repository and another mini-call for translations

I’ve set up a new PPA repository for Hardy containing EnvyNG 1.1.0. The repository includes a new version of the three packages with a few bugfixes. Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list so as to be sure to get always the latest release of EnvyNG : deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/envyng-hardy/ubuntu hardy main Update your list of packages: […]

EnvyNG 1.1.0 is now available – please test it

Here is a new release of EnvyNG (which supports only Ubuntu Hardy). EnvyNG 1.1.0 is made up of 3 packages: envyng-core (which contains the main program + the textual interface) envyng-gtk (which contains the new GTK interface for GNOME, XFCE, etc. users) envyng-qt (which contains the new QT4 interface for KDE users) Brief Explanation If […]

A few updates

I’m still trying to get over the stress of graduating, dreaming (every night!) of having yet to do exams in order to graduate doesn’t help though. I’m working on my projects at a slower pace, fixing a few bugs here and there before the release of EnvyNG. I have designed a new system for URandR […]