Appindicator for Hamster part 2

This week I’m supposed to be on holiday but I decided to spend some time on my appindicator for Hamster. To be honest, though, a merge request on github from Izidor MatuĊĦov, together with our discussion in the merge review thread, was what made me want to focus on hamster again. He provided a light […]

Appindicator for Hamster

Premise I use Hamster for time tracking at work and the lack of an applet which works with Unity’s panel is my main obstacle to the adoption of Unity (which I love BTW). For this reason I hacked on the applet’s code in my (very limited) spare time at weekends and I managed to get […]

Back from the UDS

After spending a week in Sunnyvale I’m back from the UDS. It was a long trip and I can definitely say out loud that it was a fantastic experience, very hard to put into words, part of which you’ll be able to see in the video-recorded sessions (available soon?). I gave speeches on 3 projects […]

Blueprint – X-Kit and Xorg Options Editor

As promised in my previous posts, in this blog post I will deal with a project I’m working on which implements this blueprint. Bryce Harrington (the mentor of this blueprint), Colin Watson (the approver) and I talked about this at the UDS in Prague. The blueprint is based on Bryce’s original idea to improve the […]

Call for testers for EnvyNG

It’s been a month since my last blog post. EnvyNG was included in Hardy but it had a few problems and I have worked to fix them. I can’t upload such fixes since Hardy is a stable release. This means that all the updates will have to be tested before they are moved to the […]

Updates for EnvyNG and Envy Legacy

I’m working on EnvyNG every day. I’m fixing as many bugs as possible. Here’s a list of what’s changed in EnvyNG and Envy Legacy: Improvements in EnvyNG-core: * New connection detection method (based on Network Manager) * Update compatibility list * Update translations * Use unicode (utf-8) for the translators’ names * Use an additional […]

A new repository and another mini-call for translations

I’ve set up a new PPA repository for Hardy containing EnvyNG 1.1.0. The repository includes a new version of the three packages with a few bugfixes. Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list so as to be sure to get always the latest release of EnvyNG : deb hardy main Update your list of packages: […]

EnvyNG 1.1.0 is now available – please test it

Here is a new release of EnvyNG (which supports only Ubuntu Hardy). EnvyNG 1.1.0 is made up of 3 packages: envyng-core (which contains the main program + the textual interface) envyng-gtk (which contains the new GTK interface for GNOME, XFCE, etc. users) envyng-qt (which contains the new QT4 interface for KDE users) Brief Explanation If […]

A few updates

I’m still trying to get over the stress of graduating, dreaming (every night!) of having yet to do exams in order to graduate doesn’t help though. I’m working on my projects at a slower pace, fixing a few bugs here and there before the release of EnvyNG. I have designed a new system for URandR […]

Call for translations (for EnvyNG 1.1.0)

Dear users of EnvyNG, if you want to help to translate EnvyNG (1.1.0) into your native language you can contribute by using Rosetta’s web interface. The Italian translation is complete. As regards the EnvyNG 1.1.0, it will no longer build the packages locally but will rely on my repository so that you won’t have to […]