How to set up “Web CoopVoce” (3G) APN on Android

I’m a satisfied owner of a Nexus One (loving Android Froyo 2.2) and today I decided to try a (volume based) 3G plan by CoopVoce. There are 2 options available: either buy a 3G usb key or simply use 3G directly from your phone. In the former case (which I wasn’t interested in) the usb […]

X-Bus – a daemon for input devices

What is X-Bus? It’s a personal project I’ve been working on (among other things) since I joined Canonical. It’s a daemon which handles input devices through the XInput protocol. In the future I hope to add support for outputs too. What’s the purpose of X-Bus? Its main purpose is to provide developers with a common […]

Updates for EnvyNG and Envy Legacy

I’m working on EnvyNG every day. I’m fixing as many bugs as possible. Here’s a list of what’s changed in EnvyNG and Envy Legacy: Improvements in EnvyNG-core: * New connection detection method (based on Network Manager) * Update compatibility list * Update translations * Use unicode (utf-8) for the translators’ names * Use an additional […]

A new repository and another mini-call for translations

I’ve set up a new PPA repository for Hardy containing EnvyNG 1.1.0. The repository includes a new version of the three packages with a few bugfixes. Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list so as to be sure to get always the latest release of EnvyNG : deb hardy main Update your list of packages: […]

EnvyNG 1.1.0 is now available – please test it

Here is a new release of EnvyNG (which supports only Ubuntu Hardy). EnvyNG 1.1.0 is made up of 3 packages: envyng-core (which contains the main program + the textual interface) envyng-gtk (which contains the new GTK interface for GNOME, XFCE, etc. users) envyng-qt (which contains the new QT4 interface for KDE users) Brief Explanation If […]

Call for translations (for EnvyNG 1.1.0)

Dear users of EnvyNG, if you want to help to translate EnvyNG (1.1.0) into your native language you can contribute by using Rosetta’s web interface. The Italian translation is complete. As regards the EnvyNG 1.1.0, it will no longer build the packages locally but will rely on my repository so that you won’t have to […]

More on the Artwork Contest

First of all I would like to thank you all for participating in the contest. I apologise if I didn’t reply to all your emails but I’m receiving so many emails that it’s hard to keep pace with your emails. I’m so busy doing the uploads of your work, coding EnvyNG and living my life […]

Artwork Contest for EnvyNG

The reactions to the screenshots of the prototypes of EnvyNG 1.1.x were positive however some users (see the comments to my previous posts and this blog post ) led me into thinking that it’s time for me to change EnvyNG’s icon and logo. I won’t draw a new icon and logo myself though. I wouldn’t […]

A few updates – Part 2

Features in EnvyNG 1.1.x A new interface in GTK. Its code will be cleaner (more readable and sensible). I will use SimpleGladeApp as glatzor (Sebastian Heinlein) suggested a long time ago. It won’t waste as much screen space as it used to do (see the screenshot below) as using Envy in 640X480 is not an […]

A few updates – Part 1

I have finished writing my thesis (in Latex) and I’ll graduate in March. In the meantime I’m studying PyQT4 and working on Envy. I haven’t updated Envy yet as I’ve been working on EnvyNG (“NG” stands for “Next Generation”) i.e. the latest evolution of Envy. EnvyNG will support only Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) or higher while […]