An Indicator for Cryptkeeper

I’ve been very busy with life and work in general and I haven’t blogged for a few months now. I finally get the chance to talk about something I worked on in my spare time.

I use Cryptkeeper to decrypt and mount some encrypted directories that I have in my Ubuntu One space but I noticed that its applet didn’t make use of Ubuntu’s Appindicators. Since the whitelist for old style applets had been removed in Raring, I was left with no way to use Cryptkeeper. For this reason I rolled up my sleeves and I worked on a patch to (optionally) enable support for Appindicators in the program.


The main problem I had to face is the fact that Appindicators don’t support right click gestures, so I had to create an entry in the indicator (labelled “Edit”) to allow users to get information, change passwords or delete encrypted directories. Clicking on that entry pops up a dialog which then hooks into the old dialogs to perform the said operations.


I uploaded my work in Saucy and made packages for Precise and Raring available in my PPA.

I hope you enjoy my work!

16 thoughts on “An Indicator for Cryptkeeper

    1. it crashes at times. Try launching it multiple times and see if it helps.

      I’m also developing a complete replacement for cryptkeeper.

  1. I see you’ve already set up ver 3. Thank you. I am not a great teccie and have failed to install the tar.gz file. Not perhaps helped by LRF viewer trying to open Cryptkeeper.install. Are there any simple instructions that you can direct me to? I have extracted a folder called Debian but don’t really know what do with it. Apologies for asking for help.

  2. That would be great. I think it would help a lot of people. Doesn’t always load first time but hey…it works and that’s brilliant.

  3. HI Albert,
    I tried to install the 64bit deb for trusty into 13.10. Unfortunately not working.
    Thanks for your work. I relay on cryptkeeper for many years within my work.
    Grees Axel

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