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Envy - now EnvyNG: Interface for the installation of ATI/NVIDIA proprietary drivers with automatic hardware detection ...

X-Kit: Xorg.conf Parser/Validator written in Python widely adopted in Ubuntu...

Nvidia-common: Python library for graphics hardware detection and Debconf helper to transition users from obsolete graphics proprietary driver to other drivers in dist-upgrades ...

URandR: It is a GUI to RandR 1.2 written in PyGTK. IT covers RandR 1.2 basic functionalities and aims to make multihead configuration as easy as possible for inexperienced users ...

Screen Resolution Extra: Better user notification and easier setup (using PolicyKit and X-Kit) of multiple screens layouts in case of front framebuffer constraints ...

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Unofficial Evolution import/export utility

Why is this application unofficial?
Evolution in GNOME 2.20 already includes such feature (of which I wasn't aware when I wrote my own application)

What is this Unofficial Evolution import/export utility?:

"Evolbck" is an application for GNU/Linux written in Python and PyGTK which will enable you to import and export (in tar.gz format) your mail and settings (mail accounts, contacts, calendar, etc.) in Evolution.


GUI image

How do I file a bug report about Evolbck?

You can send me an email, at least until the project page on is ready. me an email

WARNING: this application is only an alpha and you should use it at your own risk

UNSTABLE RELEASE (0.1-0ubuntu2, released on October 01 2007)
(See my Blog for an explanation of Evolbck's features)

Licence: GPL

Package for Debian and Ubuntu


Source code
(only developers or users of non-Debian based distributions might want to download this)




NOTE: Make sure you have all the repositories enabled (also universe and multiverse) in your /etc/apt/sources.list on Ubuntu

If you do not know how to enable those repositories, please take a look at this page: