On fglrx support in Natty

As I’ve already written in the ubuntu-devel mailing list, a new fglrx driver (2:8.840-0ubuntu1) is now available in Natty and it finally works with the new xserver. There are still a few issues whose fixes should land after Beta 1 is released: 1) compiz needs to be updated so that fglrx can work with Unity. […]

How to set up "Web CoopVoce" (3G) APN on Android

I’m a satisfied owner of a Nexus One (loving Android Froyo 2.2) and today I decided to try a (volume based) 3G plan by CoopVoce. There are 2 options available: either buy a 3G usb key or simply use 3G directly from your phone. In the former case (which I wasn’t interested in) the usb […]

Warning for Nvidia users on Lucid

Quoting my email to different Ubuntu mailing lists: According to Nvidia, drivers 195.36.08 (i.e. the current driver in the archive) and 195.36.03 might be affected by the same GPU fan speed issues which affect the Windows driver: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/announcement.php?a=39 I have been using these drivers for while now without experiencing that problem but, if you want […]

Quick updates on Lucid

This is just a brief announcement, I hope to have the time to say more when I’m back to Italy (currently I’m in the US). EnvyNG and Envy are no more. I had no time to maintain them and I really prefer to work on Jockey (I had already contributed code to it in the […]

X-Bus – a daemon for input devices

What is X-Bus? It’s a personal project I’ve been working on (among other things) since I joined Canonical. It’s a daemon which handles input devices through the XInput protocol. In the future I hope to add support for outputs too. What’s the purpose of X-Bus? Its main purpose is to provide developers with a common […]

On my New Job

It’s been almost a month now since I started working for Canonical. I was hired as a “Sustaining Engineer (System)” in the Foundations team which, in turn, is part of the OEM Services team, whose offices are located in Lexington, Massachussets, USA (I work from home though). I mainly do work on X.org related stuff […]

How to enable/disable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace from the command line

If you don’t want to use a user interface to change the effect of Ctrl+Alt+Backspace in any flavour of Ubuntu you can follow these steps: 1) Install the “dontzap” package sudo apt-get install dontzap 2) Open Terminal or Konsole and type: sudo dontzap –enable or sudo dontzap –disable Where “disable” means that Ctrl+Alt+Backspace restarts the […]

How to enable/disable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace in Kubuntu Jaunty

As you might have noticed already, X.org no longer ships with the DontZap option set to False by default i.e. pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace won’t restart the xserver any longer. At the UDS we discussed on how to deal with this change and we came to the conclusion that Ubuntu and Kubuntu would deal with this change […]

Back from the UDS

After spending a week in Sunnyvale I’m back from the UDS. It was a long trip and I can definitely say out loud that it was a fantastic experience, very hard to put into words, part of which you’ll be able to see in the video-recorded sessions (available soon?). I gave speeches on 3 projects […]